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Family owned and operated, proudly servicing the Central Alberta Region, KJA Septic Services Inc. cleans, pumps and repairs septic tanks, holding tanks and aerobic tanks for both residential and commercial customers.  We offer year round and emergency services, as well as locating and digging services. Our equipment is up to date and well maintained. KJA Septic Services Inc. is a member of the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association. We keep up to date with regulatory changes, system challenges and the latest industry research and technology. By following the practices mentioned above we are able to run a safe and efficient company that abides by all industry standards and regulations.


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Kja Septic Services inc. Septic Tank Pumping

KJA Septic Service Inc. septic Tank Pumping

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KJA Septic Services Inc. values the importance of education, and we make a conscientious effort to provide guidance to our new customers who may not be familiar with septic tank systems and how they function.  We provide all the do's and don'ts, the when and why of septic tank systems and the installation and maintenance procedures to ensure our customers get the most out of their systems with fewer preventable repairs along the way.

 At KJA Septic Services Inc. we won't take any shortcuts or pump unnecessarily.  If we can't fix it, we simply won't do it.